Prince 2 Foundation And Practitioner


  • PRINCE2 Foundation (or equivalent)
  • PRINCE 2 Agile Foundation
  • Project Management Qualification (PMQ)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
  • IPMA Levels A, B, C and D (Certified Project Director)


  • 40 hours of Live Online Instructor-Led Training
  • Experienced & Certified Instructors.
  • Lifetime Access to Live sessions recording.
  • Access to real-time questions with 100% passing result
  • 35 contact hours / PDU’s

Learning Outcomes

  • A practical step-by-step guide to successfully manage any project
  • A flexible method that can be tailored to any organization or role involved in managing projects
  • An accessible and globally-recognized certification which adds value to your CV.
  • Always focus on customer value and hence improved customer satisfaction and bigger customer base.
  • Support Business Outcomes by enabling Business changes effectively.
  • Improve your position in job market and careerprogression within project and programme management by gaining recognized qualifications. 

Target Audience

  • Project managers
  • Assistant project managers
  • Team leads
  • Project Coordinators / PMO’s
  • Project executives
  • Software developers


Understand key concepts relating to projects and PRINCE2 

the definition and characteristics of a project 

the six aspects of project performance to be managed 

the integrated elements of PRINCE2: principles, themes, processes and the project environment 

what makes a project a PRINCE2 project? 

Understand how the PRINCE2 principles underpin the PRINCE2 method 

Explain the PRINCE2 principles: 

continued business justification 

learn from experience 

defined roles and responsibilities 

manage by stages 

manage by exception 

focus on products 

tailor to suit the project 

Explain which aspects of a project can be tailored, who is responsible, and how tailoring decisions are documented

Understand the PRINCE2 themes and how they are applied throughout the project

Explain the purpose of:

   the 7theme 

Describe PRINCE2’s minimum requirements for applying themes

Explain the purpose of the PRINCE2 processes:


starting up a project, including the purpose of the project brief,

directing a project, including the purpose of the project initiation documentation (PID),

 initiating a project,

 controlling a stage,

managing product delivery,

 managing a stage boundary,

closing a project.


Explain the objectives of the PRINCE2 processes (as above, excluding the PID and project brief)

Explain the context of the PRINCE2 processes (as above, excluding the PID and project brief)


Please note that candidates shall be permitted to use official printed hard copy of Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE 2 ® 2017 Edition. The official manual has the power to annotated and tabulated however, candidates cannot strictly use sticky notes and loose-led papers that contains additional notes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Foundation examination does not have an expiry period. Candidates who pass the Practitioner exam are recognized as a "PRINCE2® Registered Practitioner". Individuals will remain registered for a period of three calendar years. To maintain their registered status, Practitioners must: Retake the full Practitioner exam at the end of the three years Maintain their certification through PRINCE2 Membership.

AXELOS updated PRINCE2 in 2017 and released a new publication and new Foundation and Practitioner exams in English. This was prompted by changes since the last edition of the guidance in 2009, as well as expert feedback from PRINCE2 practitioners.